Want to try the facilities at BE?

Want to try the facilities at BE?

Sensory Deprivation Tank

Eliminate external physical stimuli for a state of pure and profound sensory relaxation. Stimulate left-right brain synchronisation, shifts brainwaves from Beta to the lower frequency Theta; increases creativity; eliminates fatigue and improves sleep. Instant meditation.


Oxygen Chamber

Dramatically improves oxygen delivery to tissues throughout the body to fully rejuvenate from within. Popular among Hollywood celebrities and sports stars. Oxygen therapy is a particularly good way to speed up healing (4x faster), build peak performance and beauty (an all over oxygen facial).


A physical therapy system that greatly improves performance and reduces musculoskeletal pain. AIS has been designed so effectively that it is used by a wide range of practitioners in different fields of physical healthcare.


Acupuncture is a gentle way of bringing the body back to balance; whether that is alleviating physical health symptoms like pain and poor digestion, or helping you feel calmer and more able to function through life’s challenges. Fine, single-use needles stimulate points on the body that connect to your muscles & bones, nervous system, and to your organs and bodily functions. This therapy helps your body fine-tune its way back to health without the need of strong and harsh medications.

Yoga Therapy

A yoga therapy session can include physical practices to alleviate pain, breathing practices to affect the nervous system and energy of the body, or talking through difficult situations using yoga modalities to help the person see more clearly. It can also be a combination of all these things, and more. Each session is unique. It is about providing people with support, whilst empowering them in their own bodies and lives.

Pelvic X-Tone

Revolutionary pelvic toning for youth like performances. Activate Kegel muscle contractions up to 50 times per second in the most difficult part of the body to train-the pelvic core. This power plate for the pelvic area accelerates muscle development, strengthens nerves, increases blood circulation and core conditioning of base of your energy system, the crucial but difficult to train pelvic muscles. Enhance strength and endurance for both men and women!

Heavy Metal Detox

Many people feel tired, confused, suffer from poor memory, find it hard to lose weight and have poor digestion. Essentially it is due to high levels of toxic metals, man-made chemicals and fungal toxins in the body of many clients, that the workings of the body are affected at many levels. Symptoms can be alleviated through the miracle of VITERAS.

Healing Massage

A combination of Relaxing and Remedial Massage that aims to work through some of the muscle issues or “tight spots” you may be experiencing. Paew our expert therapist with over 10 years of experience will help improve your body’s blood circulation, enhance delivery of muscle and nutrients to muscle cells, remove bodily toxins and reduce swelling.


The Bowen Technique is a pain-free, non-intrusive, natural complementary hands-on therapy, suitable for all from newborns to the elderly. Bowen Therapy has the ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalances within the body, utilising the body’s own healing mechanisms. The truth is, that the body has the natural ability to heal much more than we have all been conditioned to believe. And by gently applied pressure, your body heals itself.

Mitochondria Therapy

Mitochondrial Therapy involves a 5-minute heart rate variability test (HRV). This test is non-invasive and performed whilst relaxing in a chair. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing does not diagnose any medical conditions but is a valuable tool to assess the cardiac autonomic nervous system. The test result reveals individual general fitness, the degree of risk of sudden heart death and the efficiency of the autonomic nervous system, aka ‘the master regulator of metabolism’. This then better equips you to nurture or heal your body.

Want to try the facilities at BE?

Sign up for the 3-day free pass and join our group classes
and enjoy our outstanding facilities!

Want to try the facilities at BE?

Sign up for the 3-day free pass and join our group classes and enjoy our outstanding facilities!