Tissie Chan

Tissie has a background in both holistic health and physical fitness. This experience makes her take every level of the human body into account when trying to help someone improve their health. Instead of using protocols, set sequences of movements, or specific ways of delivery treatments, Tissie adapts the tools she has learnt to each context and person differently.

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About Tissie

As a therapist and teacher, understanding the individual is at the heart of everything Tissie Chan

Tissie is a practicing yoga therapist and teacher. Her knowledge base is rooted in traditional Indian yoga and philosophy, including Ayurveda. In yoga therapy every single yoga tool is adapted to suit an individual and whatever imbalance they present – be it physical, mental, or emotional in nature.

For example, a yoga therapy session can include physical practices to alleviate pain, breathing practices to affect the nervous system and energy of the body, or talking through difficult situations using yoga modalities to help the person see more clearly. It can also be a combination of all these things, and more. Each session is unique. It is about providing people with support, whilst empowering them in their own bodies and lives.

Tissie practices both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese (TCM) acupuncture. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical practice that shares many similarities with TCM.

Like with Chinese acupuncture, Ayurvedic acupuncture (known as marma-puncture) understands there to be energetic channels and points within the body. These channels and points connect with different organs, bodily functions, and surrounding musculoskeletal features. Specific points are chosen in accordance to what is observed during the consultation and assessment process with a client. This assessment process is very thorough. It takes into account all lifestyle factors, functionality of the different organ systems, posture, and pulse and tongue diagnosis (sessions for yoga therapy are usually assessed in the same way).

The difference between marma-puncture and TCM acupuncture is to do with two things. Firstly, there are some differences in the medical theory, and secondly some points and channels on the body are slightly different. On the whole, however, there are more similarities than differences, and Tissie mainly has a preference for mama-puncture because it is more cohesive with yoga therapy.

“We must... consider disease as a process that begins with the ineffable and ends with the material..." - Leon Hammer