View upcoming events at Be

View upcoming events at Be

Nutrition Seminar
19th May, 2018 @ 11:15AM

Some short and to the point talks about nutrition & dieting from our in house trainers & therapists, Tissie & Kevin. Between them they have backgrounds in eating to look good & aesthetics, eating for sports performance, and eating for healthy functioning of our bodies. They’ll share their stories on how we can use food as fuel for these different purposes, and then you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions.

40 spots left.

The Mind Detox 1
19th May, 2018 @ 3PM | RM100

A 90 minutes workshop to learn tools to ‘unplugged’ your thinking mind and gain clarity. As we live in a ‘plugged in’ world, our minds can get caught up with overwhelming information, negative emotions, and stories from the past. Join Dian for this Mind Detox workshop as she shares and teaches her experience in quieting her mind and finding peace from within.

Active Recovery Day
20th May, 2018 @ 10:30AM onwards | RM100

A day for those who train hard and need to recover hard. Included in the ticket is a 45 min Yoga / Stretch class focusing on helping your mobility and alleviating DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), a 45 min light swimming & aqua training session, and a Kettlebowl hot, healthy meal of your choice. After lunch feel free to use our facilities, hang by the pool and have fun. Also enjoy an exclusive discount on all our active recovery treatments & services, including acupuncture, floatation therapy, massage, and much more.

Only up to 15 spots.

A Beginners' Guide On How To Use Essential Oil
26th May, 2018 @ 3PM | RM50

An Intimate Workshop Conducted by Dian Lee of

Entrance fee of RM50 per person redeemable for any purchase of dōTerra and other oil-related products from Be Urban Wellness.

Only up to 10 spots.