Be Urban Wellness

We are unique in our aims and philosophy. We seek to provide an oasis of holistic health, here, amidst the busy city of Kuala Lumpur.  To “BE” is often the most difficult challenge, especially in our contemporary fast-paced lifestyle. Today, constant activity—both physical and mental—is lauded as a virtue, often at the cost of living a conscious and meaningful life.

At BE, we believe a wholesome life is a life well-lived. This wellness comes from connecting to our true selves; harmonising our body, mind, and spirit. To help our community grow in health and balance, we have sought out wellbeing professionals from across the globe across varying disciplines and backgrounds. All of whom share our passion and philosophy for helping others achieve a better quality of life

Apart from dedicated people, we’ve invested in the most effective well-being technologies. Over the years, with knowledge from both the East and West, we’ve been able to offer multi-award winning programmes and treatments. These programmes help today’s modern person not just cope, but also embrace the hectic 21st-century life.

Our three-stage approach to well-being—1) Assessment & Understanding 2) Healing 3) Self-Sustenance. These principles have been modelled on our belief that true well-being can only come from our own efforts. Ultimately, we wish to equip our members with the knowledge and tools to achieve their own well-being.

BE Yoga

The heart of our well-being philosophy. Whether it’s for the casual beginner just introduced to yoga or an experienced practitioner, we have developed an array of classes to help anyone connect with their body, mind and soul. We believe that asanas are merely forms to assist with this connection rather than the end goal. Practising yoga should lead to a more connected life with one’s self and the rest of the world.

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BE Fit

BE Fit,  a state of the art fitness facility with dedicated trainers that are able to personalize programs and regimes for optimal transformation or simply general well being. Our personal training offerings include EMS (electric muscle stimulation), boxing, pilates, martial arts and more.

BE Well

BE Well completes the Holistic approach we advocate in Be. This is often achieved in our 3 stage approach. Assessment and Understanding, Healing and Self Sustenance. Our treatments and sessions here harmonise your mind, body and spirit to achieve inner peace and outer happiness.

BE Pampered

BE Pampered is our offering of self-care to our members and community. The responsibilities and pressures while living in the city invariably creates stress and tightness in our bodies that affect our well being. Be Pampered treatments have been designed to help us rebalance and recalibrate.