Be Urban Wellness strives to provide busy urbanites with an oasis of holistic health amidst the bustling city. Our wholesome approach is upheld by the numerous services we’ve provided to help our community grow in health and balance. Over the years, with knowledge from the East and West, as well as, a dedicated team, we’ve been able to offer multi-award winning programmes and treatments.

As we take the next step in enhancing your lifestyle, Be Urban Wellness is collaborating with Peak Human Performance to bring you a cutting-edge transformative facility. Founded by Riad Hechamel the prodigy of strength coach extraordinaire Charles Poliquin, Peak Human Performance @ Be will focus on achieving peak performance through recovery & rejuvenation, nutrition and smart strength training. Ultimately, we want to equip our members with the knowledge and tools to achieve their own well-being.

For more information on Peak Human Performance please visit their website: http://www.peakhumanperformance.net/