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17th March @ 4:00pm     |     RM 100

A 90 minutes workshop to learn tools to ‘unplugged’ your thinking mind and gain clarity. As we live in a ‘plugged in’ world, our minds can get caught up with overwhelming information, negative emotions, and stories from the past. Join Dian for this Mind Detox workshop as she shares and teaches her experience in quieting her mind and finding peace from within.

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Postponed. Future date to be confirmed.

Come join our Charity Event in January and help us raise funds for an Old Folks’ Home and a Refugee Centre. There will be food and drinks, shopping, a pamper station as well as fitness classes! All proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity.

soundbath for website

15th January @ 6:45pm     |     RM 50

Join Dian and Jia Wen for a 60 minutes immersion in the healing sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Sound baths are a form of meditation to recalibrate our tired mind and body through the resonance and vibration of singing bowls. A must try for urbanites!