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The Viteras detox protocol avoids a “Healing Crisis” by working with the body at a level that the body can handle. A “Healing Crisis” is when more toxic metals, chemicals, mycotoxins, endo or exotoxins are released into the circulation than can be bound or excreted, which then can create symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness, confusion, joint aches/pains and more.


This is caused by redistribution of toxins to the body tissues and the damage they can subsequently cause. In the case of toxic metals, this can be a severe problem. Correct use of Viteras 5-phase detox and the correct metabolic, binding and excretion support minimises the risks and symptoms of a “Healing Crisis”. This is where the Viteras 5-phase detox protocol differs and surpasses the rest of the detox chelation protocols.

The core of the cleanse is taking the Intestinal Draw Formula which powerfully draws and eliminates toxins from the intestinal tract. It is the ultimate intestinal health product as it nourishes, soothes, lubricates and detoxifies as it moves through the intestinal tract. This will be complemented with a powerful series of therapies – abdominal massages, oxygen chamber sessions, far infra red sauna, gentle yoga/pilates and an Epsom Salt flush.
Before programme:
Start on the cleansing nutritional guidelines as early as possible.

Epsom Salt Flush (liquid diet only and no travelling)


Start Intestinal Draw Formula + Yoga + FIR + Probiotics


Intestinal Draw Formula + Oxygen Chamber + Abdominal Massage + FIR


Intestinal Draw Formula + Pilates + FIR


Start Intestinal Draw Formula + Yoga + FIR + Probiotics


Intestinal Draw Formula + Yoga + FIR


Intestinal Draw Formula + Yoga + FIR + Probiotics


400 grams of Intestinal Draw Formula

7 Far Infra-red Sauna Sessions (30 mins)

7 Days Yoga/Pilates Sessions (60/90mins)

2 Abdominal Massages (30 mins)

2 Oxygen Chamber Sessions (90 mins)

1 Epsom Salt Flush