Be Urban Wellness | Carolyn
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BEng., MSc., PhD (DIC)., MBBS

She holds a Medical Degree from Barts & the Royal London Hospital, University of London. In addition to her medical degree, she has a Bachelor’s in Engineering, a Master’s in Bioengineering, as well as, a PhD in Bioengineering. Whilst completing her PhD at Imperial College London, in the Analysis of Infant’s Heart Rate Signals and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, her passion for healing led to her embarking on a medical degree. On this journey, she discovered the Bowen Technique and was struck by the healing potential of this therapy. While working as a researcher, she initiated and ran a successful clinic in St. John’s Wood, London.


During the course of her work, she was introduced to Dr. Tim Ray, founder of the VITERAS 5-Phase Detox. She now works closely with Dr. Ray, incorporating his detox regime into her treatment protocol.


Dr. Goh has also trained as a Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPs) practitioner under the founder Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. The latest addition to her healing tool box is Mitochondrial Therapy. She has a specialised interest in treating chronic conditions (e.g.Chronic Fatigue Syondrome, fibromyalgia, sinusitis and adrenal fatigue), as well as, autoimmune conditions (e.g.asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergies etc.), fertility issues and pregnancy complications.
Dr. Carolyn also has expertise in treating children and babies of all ages. She has also written and contributed numerous publications on these topics.